Welcome on the pages of Reinhard Kainzmaier, an authorized automotive and car accessory shop!

home strich8Since 1987 our company is known for expertise and good work. We provide a wide range of automotive services  such as the reparation or paint of your car as well as new and used cars. Your car needs an exhaust emission test, a general inspection or an auto glass service? Pass by and we'll take care of your car! Also, we run an extensive tires and accessory store and if you look for replacements for your /8 or 319, our replacement warehouse is one of the biggest!

home mb319You want to maintain or restore your Oldtimer? Since March 2011 we are a certified expert for restoration of historical vehicel bodies (HWK)!

On top we change over your car to liquid petroleum gas and provide a gas station. Do you have question to the change over or how to finance it? Call us and we provide you with all the information you need!

Since 2021 we run together with the expert technician Hans Hilger a second site in Engelsberg-Eiting. At this location we serve all brands and offer inspections, reparations, accident recoveries and any customer service. Further new and used cars as well as tires, brakes and additional accessory is offered.